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Flying with Your Dog


Before You Fly

1. Visit the airline website to:

a. see if your breed of dog is eligible to fly

b. check pet travel pricing

c. check eligible locations that your dog can travel

d. view other rules

2. Book early! Each aircraft has a maximum number of pets that can fly in the cabin and you could get a better deal.

3. Decide whether you will carry your dog onto the plane or check it under pet cargo.

a. visit airline website for weight restrictions

4. Make sure you have an airline approved dog carrier.

a. for a dog travelling in the cabin you must use a soft carrier/kennel

b. for a dog traveling with cargo a hard carrier/kennel is required

5. Visit the vet and pack your dog’s health records.

At The Airport

6. Feed your dog a few hours before the flight.

7. Make sure your dog has used the restroom before the flights.

a. You can also place waste pads at the bottom of the carriers

8. Do not sedate your dog for the flight.

a. Research shows from the American Veterinary Medical Association states that dogs should not be given sedatives or tranquilizers before flying because they can create cardiovascular and respiratory problems as the dog is exposed to high altitude pressures.

9. Check in early to avoid delays associated with pet travel.

10. Enjoy your flight!!

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